This is a unique skin care ritual exclusively for women developed by Magdalena Daniluk – an international expert in luxurious skin care brands and specialized massage techniques. TERAMEDO was established as a result of more than 14 years of cooperation with the most luxurious, prestigious and advanced cosmetics companies (e.g. La Prairie, Bellefontaine, La Vallee, Menard, Visoanska, BioEffect, Valmont).

The main stage of the ritual is the TERAMEDO massage, consisting of the most effective elements of various techniques that would give the skin spectacular effects. This concept combines the elite of different approaches and techniques to make the most comprehensive, holistic, non-invasive and natural method to take care of the skin’s condition.

TERAMEDO simultaneously affects the nervous system (deep relaxation), blood circulation (improves circulation) and lymphatic (removal of toxins). It does not work on the skin only, but also on the muscles tissue, radically changing the look of the whole face, by changing muscles tonus and eliminating the tension related to stress.

The delicate and superficial massage would not affect the condition of the muscles, so it would only affect the surface of the skin and the lymph. The TERAMEDO massage however is much stronger and deeper. The purpose of TERAMEDO massage is to radically alter skin condition, improve muscles firmness, remove residual metabolism, waste and toxins, remove dead skin and stimulate self-regeneration and renewal.

The TERAMEDO ritual consists of 4 stages:

  1. TERAMEDO specialized eye massage
  2. TERAMEDO specialized face massage
  3. SHIATSU pressure massage
  4. Moisturizing mask + neck massage


    • Face modeling and sculpting
    • Cheeks lifting
    • Instant filling of wrinkles
    • Spectacular skin firming
    • Instant and long-lasting hydration
    • Immediate skin smoothing
    • Instant improvement of color, oxygenation and microcirculation
    • Swelling reduction
    • Visible improvement of muscles tone
    • Loosening of muscles tension

The TERAMEDO ritual has been designed by adopting advanced and luxurious skin care cosmetics that fit skin’s demands to ensure complete regeneration and renewal. This is a “tailor made” massage (Jap. Teramedo) for even the most demanding skin. Perfect match gives amazing result, so the choice of cosmetics used during the ritual depends every single time of the skin’s condition.

75min / 380zł

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